Budget & Fiscal Information


The Village Board adopted the following  2018-2019 Fund Budgets at their regular meeting on March 19, 2018: A Fund - General; F Fund - Water; and G Fund - Sewer.
A Fund Adoped (PDF - 118.4 KB)
F Fund Adopted (PDF - 104.5 KB)
G Fund Adopted (PDF - 102.9 KB)
Fiscal Stress Fact Sheet (PDF - 338.4 KB)

Fiscal stress is monitored by the Office of the New York State Comptroller. For Fiscal year 2016 the Village of Waterville received a stress level of 8.3% which equates to a "No Designation". Please read the sheet on "Fiscal Stress Monitoring System" for further information.


The percentage range is:

Significant Fiscal Stress  65-100%

Moderate Fiscal Stress           55-64.9%

Susceptible Fiscal Stress         45-54.9% 

No Designation                      0-44.9% 

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